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How to pair the scanner with the cradle?

How to aim the scanner?

What are the decode ranges?


How To

Sending Data to the Host Computer

The cradle receives data from the digital scanner via a wireless radio connection and transmits it to the host computer via the host cable. The digital scanner and cradle must be paired for successful wireless communication.


Pairing registers a scanner to the cradle such that the scanner and cradle can exchange information. The STB3678 and FLB3678 operate in two modes: Point-to-Point and Multipoint-to-Point. In Point-to-Point mode, pair the digital scanner to the cradle either by inserting it in the cradle (if pair on contacts is enabled), or by scanning the pairing barcode. In Multipoint-to-Point mode, you can pair up to seven scanners to one cradle. To use this feature, scan the multipoint barcode in Multipoint-to-Point Communication on page 4-34.

To pair the digital scanner with the cradle, scan a pairing barcode. A high-low-high-low beep sequence followed by a low-high beep sequence indicates successful pairing and connection to the remote device. A long low, long high
beep sequence indicates unsuccessful pairing.


Aiming with DS36X8-ER

When scanning, the DS36X8-ER projects a red laser aiming pattern which allows positioning the barcode within its field of view. See Table 2-8 on page 2-15 for the proper distance to achieve between the digital scanner and a barcode.

If necessary, the digital scanner turns on its red LEDs to illuminate the target barcode.

To scan a barcode, center the symbol in any orientation within the aiming pattern. Be sure the entire symbol is within the area formed by the illumination LEDs.

The digital scanner can also read a barcode presented within the aiming pattern but not centered.

The two outer red lines are range indicators which help with near field barcode reading (distances under 2 feet).

To ensure a successful decode, make sure the two outer red lines extend beyond the barcode width.

For distances beyond 2 feet, ensure that the dot is within the barcode.



DS36X8-EX Decode Ranges


Decode ranges for Code 128 vary from 3.5 inches for 40 mil to 70 feet for 100 mil reflective. See below table:

DS36X8-ER Decode Ranges