Printer Type

Industrial Barcode Printers

For Heavy Use Printing in Harsh Environments

Whether printing high density barcode labels or encoding RFID tags, Industrial Barcode Printers are designed to keep critical operations running smoothly. Their rugged design makes them ideal for manufacturing, transportation/logistics and healthcare environments.

Industrial models are best for high volume, high intensity workplaces. They can print significantly faster than desktop models, and can often print using multiple technologies depending on what you need for a given task. Industrial Printers have larger media capacities and can print at higher resolutions to create any sized label.

Industrial Barcode Printer Features:

  1. High-volume printing
  2. Print resolutions of 203, 300, or 600 dpi
  3. Print speeds of up to 14 inches/second
  4. Support wider media (up to 7.1 inches) and cutter/peeler options

Choosing the right Industrial Printer can also reduce label and ribbon cost by as much as 50%. Our experts at SSE Technologies can help find the solution for your application and environment. Call us at 1-800-729-2444 to discuss your requirements.