Honeywell Xenon Extreme Performance (XP) Corded 1950h and Cordless 1952h Healthcare Barcode Scanner

Honeywell 1950h 1952h Healthcare Barcode Scanner

Honeywell Barcode Scanner

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Honeywell Scanning & Mobility is a leading manufacturer of high-performance image- and laser-based handheld barcode scanners.

Designed for Tough Healthcare Environments

The disinfectant-ready plastic housing protects your investment with a durable construction engineered to resist the harmful effects of the broadest range of harsh chemicals.

Flexible Features for Patient Comfort

Multiple modes are available to ensure patient comfort while maintaining clinician productivity: Patient Do-Not-Disturb, Vibration, and Scan Lamp.

Xenon XP Corded 1950h Data Sheet (PDF)

Xenon XP Cordless 1952h Data Sheet (PDF)

Popular Models:

1950HHD-5USB-N: Corded 1950h Barcode Scanner with USB Cable

1952HHD-5USB-5-N: Cordless Bluetooth Barcode Scanner with Cradle and USB Cable

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